D-COLOR MF220-MF280-MF360

Colour digital multifunction systems ideal for high productivity and excellent colour quality in structured workplaces.


  • 667 MHZ – 1 GB processor
  • 250 GB hard disk
  • paper weight up to 271 g/m2
  • paper capacity up to 3,650 sheets
  • scanning speed up to 70 opm
  • advanced security functions
  • specific security pattern to guarantee maximum confidentiality of documents
  • high-perfomace scanner (up to 70 opm)
  • digital and analogue fax capabilities to manage fax messages directly from the pc, without having to print documents
  • support of a wide range of paper formats: all standard formats up to A3, as well as personalised formats
  • paper trays with capacity of 1,150 sheets, expandable to 3,650 sheets.d-Color MF220-MF280-MF360 pay special attention to security, to a reduced power consunption and, in compliance with environmental regulations, they allow easy separation of materials for a fast and convenient recycling.